Spring News Letter 2021

The new Garden room reflects like a giant mirror

One of the problems with the pandemic and its isolation is to remember which season of year it actually is. So I googled it, and it is now officially spring! The end of a very long winter is in sight, the non event Christmas behind us, stage 3 of lockdown May 17th is now fast approaching.

During the dark winter days the team, at the request of the insurance company, have been visiting twice a week to check the building, light the fires to keep the building dry.

Winter this year has been a strange and lonely experience. With no guests, it has felt very empty and desolate with our brand new sofas hardly sat on. The thought of such a lovely place having to stay empty being such a shame has often crossed our minds. However, we are thankful that we automatically qualified for government support and this together with several generous gifts has enabled us to remain secure financially.

Just part of the Long Log Walk a new challenge trail in the woods

We have used the winter months to refine and trim our energy usage via remote monitoring, rebuild the main room fire place and reline the 100 year old chimney. The gardens have also had a make over with a new fire pit and a natural play area including an adventure log walk.

The existing wood burner has now bern reinstalled and certificated
The Fire Pit & Seating rebuilt

Looking forward, we open on May 17th under the rule of six until June when all restrictions are to be lifted (hopefully!).

The work load is still going to be done by the existing team but assisted by cleaners to help with the increased  cleaning workload needed between guests. The pandemic has meant that nearly all our cancelled 2020 bookings have transferred to this year so we are heavily booked until Christmas. If you have been a regular group user of Bernard’s Acre and would like to book again, you may like to consider booking ahead now into next year to avoid disappointment!

We also need to find some more team members especially to help with welcoming new guests. This is a rewarding job, meeting new people of all ages not to mention excited youngsters. Every one happy to be together. Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about helping at Bernard’s Acre.

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