Slow but steady growth for books

We are filling our dresser with various titles for people to read in the peacefull surroundings of Bernard’s Acre. A financial donation by a charity has given us a good start. October is our month to appeal for book donations. We are looking for Interest books, Autobiographies, Christian intersest, Childrens picture storey books.  We already…

Getting ready for the winter rain

Despite a very poor weather forcast we managed to avoid getting soaked today. We completed clearing out the drainage ditch  down the length of the entrance track. We hope that this will manage storm water surged and reduce damage to the track.

It’s a good set of problems

Every time I drive through the gate and get out of my van I pause for a brief moment just to taste the clean air and soak up the view. Then  it’s back to work, for as our bookings are back to back for the Autumn now, clearing , cleaning, grounds maintenance are all part…

A busy visit

Today was an unscheduled welcome visit to greet guests who had only booked the night before. It was a great oportunity to replace the very unstable broadband router for one of better quality. We have become very dependant on the internet for our effecient management of room and water heating. No matter the weather or…

Dartmoor sheep like our grass

With all this rain the grass has become very green and lush at Bernard’s Acre. The moorland sheep have not been slow to notice, we welcome them for their company and their lawn mowing skills 24/7  

84mm of Rain in one day

Last Sunday was wet, very wet with the highest rainfall for years in the area. We are relieved that all the new paths and relandscaping withstood natires power. The track leading up from the road however suffered severe damage, emergency repair starts today.

A very pleasant afternoon

Lush grass on camp pitches. Just spent the afternoon cutting grass and bracken management. There are not many places better in the world when the sun shines at Bernard’s Acre.

New Seating installed

Because we had some faulty chairs in the seating the manufacturer has replaced all our seating free of charge for brand new. Just in time for more guests this week end

Stolen to Order

Yesterday we found out that we had been subject to the theft of a Granite Mushroom from our . We believe this happened at 3.30 am on Tuesday 20 th June. There was little sign of activity and with such a heavy object being lifted straight up and out there mush have been mechanical lifting…