It even looks good in the rain

It rained nearly all day today as we prepared for our guests from Amsterdam. The garden however is just starting to bloom.

Sheep may safely graze

It’s always a great privilage to enjoy the warm sun on Dartmoor, further enhanced by the livestock who are obviousley enjoying it as well. Not having to struggle for survival.   # Visitdartmoor    #belstone  

Good News, Bad News

The really good news is that we still have plenty of weekdays still free for booking. The bad news is that there are only 3 weekends still available. They are May 11-13. July  20-23.  October 26-28  

Beauty is sometimes what you can’t see.

The beauty of #dartmoor is not always in daylight. Here is one of our recent moments at #bernarsacre looking back over Belstone Tor from the bottom of our track. Not bad eh! One of the reason #welovedartmoor is always those unexpected moments.  

Rain & Brown Bracken

As we welcome our first guests of the season, Dartmoor has decided on rain and brown bracken this Easter. The new lambs are not out on the open moor yet as it is still to cold and wet for them Despite the rain the moor still retains her tranquil beauty, as my guest said, ”…