Redecoration finished in time

Today we completed the re decoration of all rooms ready for the 2018 season OPEN DAY SUNDAY 18th MARCH 2.00 – 5.00

It has been raining all day so we stayed indoors

and this is what we did, A mixed hardwood feature around one of our doors. Formed from offcuts of Teak, Iroko, Maple, douglas fire, Ash, Mahogany and English Oak from #traceyestates #bernardsacre. #visitdartmoor.  #belstonevillage

Face washing three in a row.

Even though it was a popular concept for hostels in the 1970’s it wasn’t really that great. Our wash room has now been upgraded to 5 shower rooms with Shower, pedestal basin and flush fitting WC. Each room has a heated floor with non slip foot safe vinyl flooring. COME AND  SEE FOR YOURSELF, OPEN…

It would be selfish not to share such beauty

Only a gentle five minute stroll upstream of the River Taw from Bernards Acre you are in danger of so easily taking these views all for granted. #bernardsacre. #vistdartmoor. #thetorsbelstone.  Open day Sunday 18th March 2.00-5.00pm

The sheep are waiting for open day

Come for afternoon tea. NOT AFTER TEA. Bernard’s Acre open day SUNDAY 18th March 2.00pm – 5.00pm Look for yourselves the completion of Phase 2 improvements, an extra bedroom + 5 extra shower rooms. # bernardsacre  # visitdartmore  #belstonevillage    

It also looks good in Summe

Even 3 days after the storm the bottom of our garden still looks amazing. It also looks good in the summer. #bernardsacre  #visitdartmoor. #belstonevillage