And there was not a scratch on the van!

Many thanks to Paul the driver. We believe we had the first ever grocery delivery yesterday. He came slightly early, he did a google search and found us first time. There are some things about progress that are quite likeable. #bernardsacre  #tescodelivery  #belstone  #visitdartmoor  #lifesgood #devonholiday

Carefull inspection of Cosdon Hill

Just sitting in the sun gazing at the world , letting time go by. A carefull inspection of Cosdon Hill from our back garden is a pleasant experience. The few rugged trees that manage to survive, The small quarried pockets where centuries ago the easy pickings of rock have been removed by our ancestors in…

Rain Dancing Lessons?

Dartmoor has alway been a green and pleasant land, but now our confidence is on the wane. We have not had enough rain lately. So let the dancing begin. And if you are a new visitor to Dartmoor… Be careful out there!! THE HEAT IS AS DAMGEROUS AS THE COLD & WET

Marsh mallows + Campfire = Perfect

With such great weather and the perfect location what could be better than a campfire into a pleasant summer night with the classic #dartmoorskies #stargazing  #marshmallows  #dartmoorholiday    

Signs of Happy Guests

The signs of a very happy weekend. When the River Taw has been dived of all it’s loose rocks and the swimming pool area is looking good. ( It will only take a small amount of rain to undo all their work, but the fun is you came come back and do it all again)….

You really should charge more, they said.

Most  of our guests are more than pleased with our facilities now they have been upgraded last winter. “You really should charge more”,they said this weekend. We are still and always will be a charity committed to providing quality, low cost self catering accomodation for use by families, young people groups, training retreats, faith groups…