Winter News Letter

Covid 19 has been a new experience for us all. It has been sad to get all the building refurbishment work complete and then only let the building for a couple of months under the rules of 2 Families and Rule of Six.

There has been some positives, we have qualified for Government grants and the few guests that we have had have enabled us to stress test the building and upgrade the bits that needed refining. On the down side the hours of admin required seem to have increased, moving bookings, grant applications, plus the insurance company now requires two visits a week to check the building for water leaks and faults. In a strange sort of lockdown way this has provided an escape for some of us to leave home and soak up the beauty of Dartmoor for a few hours.

While you have been away we have kept busy, so here are a few of the stories.

Existing Chimney reconditioned and certificated

A survey of the existing brick chimney, original from 1920 revealed that work was required to make it safe and bring it up to today’s required standard. A total rebuild of the fire place has been carried out, the granite internal fire place and the hearth and guard rail also repositioned. It now takes up less space in the room but continues to give that warm cosy feel.

The new look to the Main Room fire & TV

Now after four years of soul searching we have eventually got around to providing a handrail to the ancient granite steps at the bottom of the garden. This is our final task of Risk Mitigation. We have used a kit for galvanised tube system to provide a reliable, handrail that will not rot of rust in the harsh Dartmoor environment. We also hope that this addition does not detract from the beauty of the granite structure also constructed around 1930.

A new handrail to the rear steps

A fun item is being added to the woods

We are adding a stepping log pathway through the trees just to add some more fun.

While we are all dreaming of warm summer days again we have received a donation that will enable us to provide more picnic tables and parasols for the garden. In these winter, wet days of lockdown. That is something to look forward too

More outside seating

Finally it’s photo of the winter time, taken by Alistair during his security visit this week, a wonderful picture of the River Taw at the bottom of our garden. Enjoy. ( We are now an all year round venue so booking in winter months will be available in the future.

Icicles on the River Taw Feb 2021

Finally as we close, at the moment of writing, like every one else we do not know what the future holds. We are starting to book 2022 already as much because large groups may be impossible again this year as because folk want to get ahead. We can however assure you that we will review bookings as they come up and try to honour or rebook as suits you best.

Until we meet again.

The Bernard’s Acre Team

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