Sometimes it looks as if nothing is happening.

When you look over our fence it usually looks the same from one week to the next. Perhaps the sheep are in, kindly keeping our grass in check or the Foxgloves are in flower. Recently a series of holes and trenches have appeared in order to locate pipes and cables prior to more building work…

Photo of a day in the rain

It’s one of those days of continuous light rain, you know you think it’s OK but you end up getting really wet. Well that’s what it’s like here today. There is however a good side the Autumn Rowan berries are looking their best and everything is green.

2019 Vacancies

Weekend September 6 – 8th available at a discounted rate – £12 p/p/p/n minimum booking 15 people. Mid week & day bookings still available this autumn. Check website for available dates A booking gives exclusive use of the building and grounds, full kitchen, accessible facilities, free wifi & I.T equipment. woodburner, fire pit, barbecue. 6…

Asda comes to Bernard’s Acre

Within a hour of first arriving all the grocery shop arrived. This week we welcomed a friends reunion from Bristol. Eighteen baskets were quickly unloaded and the van was gone. I believe the saying goes. WORK SMART, NOT HARD