Spring News Letter 2021

One of the problems with the pandemic and its isolation is to remember which season of year it actually is. So I googled it, and it is now officially spring! The end of a very long winter is in sight, the non event Christmas behind us, stage 3 of lockdown May 17th is now fast…

Winter News Letter

Covid 19 has been a new experience for us all. It has been sad to get all the building refurbishment work complete and then only let the building for a couple of months under the rules of 2 Families and Rule of Six. There has been some positives, we have qualified for Government grants and…

The Rule of Six

Here’s a thought: Six people. From Six houses. Six days. With Six Bathrooms with heated floors. Six days of logs and Six days of Wifi . Set in one of Dartmoor’s Exquisite locations for only £520.00. Our new Rule of Six rates are:- 1/ Minimum Booking 2 Nights/ 3 days at £130.00 Per night =…

Today we had our own airshow.

Today was the perfect day, sunshine, a warm breeze. Then a military chopper flies over. Every boys dream day. #perfectday.    #dartmoor

We are still keeping the wrapping on our new furniture

There a new sitting room with another wood burner and five very comfortable sofas. We are still keeping the wraps on everything until July. AS SOON AS WE KNOW WE WILL TELL YOU HOW WE WILL OPERATE UNDER THE NEW NORMAL.  

An Early visitor enjoying the Sun

We had a visit the other morning in the warm sun on a piece of bracken near the river. We have never seen one before and believe it to be a”Privet Black Hawth Moth.” #livingindevon. #vistdartmoor. #bernardsacre. #lovelyinthe garden. #comeandseeus