From now on you will have fresh water

Feburary 10th 2018 was an important day in the history of Bernard’s Acre. For the first time we had HOT WATER from one of our three new hot water cylinders. This was a big step forward in the phased refurbishment works intended to bring the building up to a safe, comfortable and legal standard

Clean water is taken for granted by most of us today, but our own history reveals this has always not been that easy. The 30 foot deep (9 metres)IMG_1049 well in front of the building, dug in the 1920’s obviousley at great expense. The efforts of our previous trustee’s pumping water from the river and later the lengthy negotiations with the water authority and land owners to give us the water supply we have today.

This supply is limited in capacity but todays technology enables us to enhance it sufficiently enough to give a fresh water supply to our neighbour in the adjacent chalet

Unlike the picture our special day decided to bless us with rain. The real Dartmoor stuff, The side ways stuff as if to say, “From now on you will have fresh water. Lots of it!



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