The trustees try out the beds


It has been nearly eight years since we gave up camping and now in my late sixties it is surprising how many luxuries have now become essentials. The magic of Dartmoor instantly kicks in as soon as you drive into the car park, the carrying of bedding, food, clothing instantly becomes exciting. We were first there so checked every room to see which we would like best. Soon the beds were made, fridge switched on and filled, it was time to light the log burner, a true man makes fire which is always enjoyable.

It was a busy weekend, with lots of questions from the ladieslike Why do we do things this way? Can you just do this? Not to mention lots of cleaning, mending and fireproofing of curtains! We also cleared a very large section of wild rhodedendron ready for the land survey next month.

It was a great weekend of team building for the group as some of us are new trustees, and new links with the Belstone church and village were made to be finally rounded off with a short walk on Dartmoor and the Taw river looking absolutely stunning in the warm autumn sunshine.

There remains lot to do so we will be going back for many more working days – anyone who would like to join our working parties can contact Paul on 07977 590 471 or by email