Still getting ready to be ready for you again.

WHAT ?… Can’t you see I’m busy

We thought you would like to know what’s happening behind our doors, which are now closed. Yes things around us have stopped and people and companies that are due to give us completion certificates are closed. The application for the payment of a £20k Dartmoor Leaf grant has also come to a halt, unable to proceed further at present and send the money to our account.

On the GOOD NEWS front, we have managed to draw down the final part of our mortgage and pay our bills to date, which includes the five new sofas currently sitting in the main room.

One of our new safas

There has been time to machine and make things from the English Oak boarding kindly donated by Tracy Estates Honiton which include the suround to the wood burner and window sills in the new Garden Room. New coffee table tops have now been made in Willow, Winter Flowering Cherry & English Oak. Our volunteer painter Roger is straining at the leash to get out there and start painting again but is having to wait while travel restictions are in place.

English Oak with resin filled cracks

The goal posts are moving daily in this crisis but we are closed until at least the end of May but the affected groups are mostly moving their bookings to later in the year or next year. Please email or contact us for bookings.

We hope to be able to return to site in May sometime to complete the works so we can open in June as movement restrictions are lifted.

In the long term we aim to complete the works by Autumn, our schedule being somewhat disrupted by Covid 19. When completed we will need to arrange a professional report on the Health and Safety of the new building layout and following that we will need to arrange a professional valuation in order to satisfy the requirements of the Charity Commision.

Meanwhile we thank you all for your support of this project.
Stay safe, stay well and stay at home to help the NHS.


Paul Sowden

on behalf of the Bernard’s Acre Trustee’s

#bernardsacre. #cometodevon. #visitdartmoor. #cantwaittillthisisover

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