Fingle Bridge to Hunters Bridge

The warm day made perfect day for walking, only a short drive from Bernard’s Acre this is a 4 mile loop which can either end with a lunch or cream tea at the end.

This time we walked the route to what we would refer to as backwards by walking along the Hunters walk first.

You will find this by walking back up the road from the bridge approx 150 metres and going up the path with a wooden hanrail at the start.

There is a steep climb for the first Kilometre as you gain the height of the trees. Glimpses through the trees of the river Teign below are encouraging as you gain height and loose weight.

Then it levels out with spectacular views over North Dartmoor and the short walk out to Hunters Ridge is  worth it.

Then there is a gentle decent down to river level at Hunters bridge.

The walk back along the river is a peaceful therapeutic experience, trout to spot in the clear waters, nothing else but bird song.

The only challenge are the stone steps up over a rock which are quite high , negotiated slowly these are much better going up than come down if you do the walk the other way around.

should you wish to make a day of it you can also divert off and visit Castle Drogo. A National Trust experience of the last castle to be built in the UK

North Dartmoor from Hunters Ridge
Looking back from Hunters Ridge
You don’t need words when the Teign looks like this
It’s scenes like this that make you proud to realise that people are be careful of their rubbish and pollutants
The Famous Fingle bridge. Still looking good

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