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  1. Gil and Terry Mears says:

    Hi Team, We had planned to be with you on Sunday, but travelling from Clevedon, south of Bristol, and back in the evening was ill advised so we did not attempt to get to you. I suppose others were in a similar situation, and am hoping that another open day will be arranged for us. Please let me know: we have used and also supported Bernards Acre, so we are very keen to see what has been achieved by the amazing work-force. ‘Bye for now, God bless, Terry

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    1. Apologies not to have seen and replied to this sooner – not used to seeing posts directly to the website, and have only caught this one (a month late – sorry) whilst updating a few things
      Many thanks for your ongoing support and interest.
      If you have not been out for a while then the changes have been significant over the last two winters with an almost complete internal redesign and refit – warm and comfortable, getting fit for the next 50 years would be a good summary
      The trustees were snowed in as you surmised, but there is talk of an open evening in the summer – we will advertise on the website and Facebook as and when
      Please do email either Rosemary on bookings@bernardsacre.org.uk or myself as a trustee directly on peter_h@onetel.com if you would like to make contact / enquire
      We really do value your interest and prayers
      Best wishes
      Peter Hawes (trustee)

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