It’s been another busy week

The re-opening after our Phase 1 improvement works has gone very well with toddler, youth and family groups giving the facilities a thorough testing.

We have had two weekends free and the opportunity to carry out further improvements ahead of schedule. These include upgrade to power supply fuse gear, light fittings in bathrooms & kitchen, refurbishment of the lobby WC, Floor finish in shed, Boot washing drain, repairing front stone wall, refurbishment of grass seating to Amphitheatre and most exciting of all NEW GAS OVENS WITH GRILLS.

We look forward to greeting guests through out the summer and are already taking bookings for 2018

Many thanks to those of you who have supported BERNARD’s ACRE over the years, we are greatly encouraged by the renewed energy the phase 1 refurbishment generated.

The old electric ovens were getting very tired and used every bit of electricity we had. Lately they have stuggled to make it to the end of a meal
The new gas ovens now give increased capacity and reliability
The new storage space for gas bottles now include for a boot washing drain and hose. (Don’t worry the gas bottles have now been delivered!)

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