Today we had our own airshow.

Today was the perfect day, sunshine, a warm breeze. Then a military chopper flies over. Every boys dream day. #perfectday.    #dartmoor

Our first guests liked it so much they don’t want to leave.

After lockdown delays we welcomed our first guests this weekend. The weather has been delightful and there are lots of new things for this season. An extended entrance lobby with drying facilities. New ladders and lights to all bunks and a glass sided garden room with it’s own wood burner. No wonder that they asked…

We are still keeping the wrapping on our new furniture

There a new sitting room with another wood burner and five very comfortable sofas. We are still keeping the wraps on everything until July. AS SOON AS WE KNOW WE WILL TELL YOU HOW WE WILL OPERATE UNDER THE NEW NORMAL.  

An Early visitor enjoying the Sun

We had a visit the other morning in the warm sun on a piece of bracken near the river. We have never seen one before and believe it to be a”Privet Black Hawth Moth.” #livingindevon. #vistdartmoor. #bernardsacre. #lovelyinthe garden. #comeandseeus

Still getting ready to be ready for you again.

We thought you would like to know what’s happening behind our doors, which are now closed. Yes things around us have stopped and people and companies that are due to give us completion certificates are closed. The application for the payment of a £20k Dartmoor Leaf grant has also come to a halt, unable to…

Planting for the future

Today was a good planting day. We took the opportunity to replace the 9 trees we have lost to age, disease and high winds in the recent years. Our replanting programme now totals 17 new trees with native species that are know to survive the Dartmoor climate. Betula Albosinensis Fascination (orange birch) Betula pendula (silver…