A Birthday year ?

We know for sure that Bernard’s Acre opened its doors for the first time in 1978. ( That’s 40 years). This weeks photo is from our archive collection taken in the 1920’s showing the original owners wife in an established garden.  That makes us 100 as well Come and see for yourself. The stone circle…

Dartmoor foal is friendly welcome

This little chap gave us a very warm welcome the other morning. What a great way to start your  day. Don’t forget our open day is on Sunday afternoon 18 th March #welovedevon  #dartmoor  #bernardsacre  

There was snow when we got there today

Ok so we didn’t exactly have to dig our way in but it was white with snow when we got there. A very productive workday soon got underway, new gravel to paths, clearing up summer pruning, cut out rock for new shower room drains, we have now been able to work out exactly how things…

Kitchen taps reach the end of their life

It was a beautiful warm sunshine afternoon at Bernard’s Acre today. Unfortunately the kitchen taps reached the end of their working life and needed changing TODAY. The new sign at our front gate looks great. The new dehumidifier arrived from Germany today in time to start it’s working life halping to keep our moisture levels…

Getting ready for next Summer

Many thanks to Continental Underfloor Heating of Launceston who donate a days time each month in allowing David Warmell to help us with practical tasks. Yesterdays task was to create a garden waste store area by erecting a fence.