Weekly News Updates

if you are not receiving our weekly news updates during this winters refurbishment programe and would like too. Please ask to be added by emailing admin@bernardsacre.org.uk. Sorry due to GDPR we are no longer allowed to just add any one to the list. Many thank for your continued support  

Dartmoor with no sheep ?

It’s a sad and lonely time when all the sheep have been taken in and “Put to the Ram”. No fluffy white dots in hard to reach places.

Found under a tree

Looked good enough to eat yesterday, but I don’t know my mushrooms enough to risk it. Looks good ehhh!  

Counting down the days

With the sun ahinning this morning we start the countdown to phase 3 of our refurbishment programme this winter. This is going to start next Monday 29th October and will be ready to receive guests for our Christmas winter period. The new windows and doors are already ordered and we are going to totally rebuild…