What’s not to like

The sheep are content, the bee’s are buzzing, the butterflies are out, all the hawthorn trees are white over the moor.

Step away from the phone

Take time out. Go off grid. Let the world pass you by. Repair your mental health. Simply put just kick back . Take time out. Dip into a real book from our library. Yes one of those with old fashioned pages, available from our library.

Determined to relax

Welcome duties were extended this weekend to help our guests set up their own portable hot tub. We do try to be helpful and our recent installation of site electric points has proved most helpful on our camping pitches. #celebrateabirthday. #ofgridindartmoor. #vistdartmoor. #belstone. #bernardsacre

A Good Sleep Guaranteed

With many thanks to all of you who supported our MATTRESS APEAL . WE TOOK DELIVERY AT 8.00am this morning of the final 6 new mattresses. There is a sense of history not sadness as we say farewell to the old, destined for and auction room somewhere.