The Angry Beauty of the River Taw

Today, after the rain ,the roar of the river could be heard from the top of the garden. Always a special place in the Bernard’s Acre Experience this time the awe inspiring amount of energy and power charging down the River Taw was truly amazing

We know you prefer pictures of sheep

This time for a change we are showing pictures of new pipes, drains and just one ¬†of the three new hot water cylinders being installed to make sure the 5 new bathrooms have plenty of hot water. Don’t worry we are fitting new insulated floors which will be heated in the shower rooms. We are…

There was snow when we got there today

Ok so we didn’t exactly have to dig our way in but it was white with snow when we got there. A very productive workday soon got underway, new gravel to paths, clearing up summer pruning, cut out rock for new shower room drains, we have now been able to work out exactly how things…

Another productive workday

Every month we benifit from a free days labour from our volunteer David Wormell who is sponsored by his employer to work for us one day a month. This month an enclosure for the commercial waste bin due next season, fence repairs and ground tidying were completed